About Us

Russian Revels began in 2011 with a (modest!) aim to revolutionise the image of Eastern-European food in the UK. Despite the thousands of nashi (‘our’, from the former Soviet Union) people living in London, very little was and is still known about our food cultures. We set out to research and update the food of our roots, and combine it with the global flavours of this great city. London has been our adopted home for many years.

We started out as a supper club (an occasional restaurant in Katya’s home) and over the years have grown into a catering and event business.

We've worked with so many - the likes of the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria and Albert Museum, Dash Arts and Pushkin House - but catering for small businesses and individual customers at home gives us just as much joy.

We always say that food never feeds the belly alone.

Karina Baldry is a Muscovite with roots in the Caucasians, and author of ‘Russia on a Plate’.

Katrina (Katya) Kollegaeva, business consultant and food writer (Time Out restaurant reviewer 2009-2012) grew up in Estonia to a Crimean dad and a Ukrainian mother.

The provenance of the ingredients is extremely important to us

Prioritising organic, British produce means we avoid chemicals, have fresher food, and enjoy a better connection to the land of the country we live in. Here's our basic approach, but please talk to us to find out more:

All our meat and eggs are British and free-range as a minimum.

Beef is only grass-fed and/or organic. 

Many vegetables are organic from Riverford Organics. Kefir is organic from Bio-tiful Dairy and bread is mostly from Amber Bakery, an Eastern-European company in East London.

We are also stubborn about seasonality. Our menu changes depending on what’s good at a particular time of the year